Token Forging

Forging Status

Green represents forging in progress (consumes GAS). Gray represents no forging taking place (default status). Red indicates unstable forging (consumes GAS).

Only the green status will result in token acquisition, as users need to manually initiate and terminate forging. The red status might indicate that a user is in a remote location without any network or GPS signal, or they have restricted access to health data or GPS, or they are under suspicion of cheating due to system data analysis.

Forging Frequency and Time Period

The token mining mechanism is similar to that of Bitcoin, with a daily limit and block (settlement) occurring at regular intervals throughout the day, 24 hours a day. However, there is a difference: while Bitcoin rewards the user who successfully mines a block, MMC distributes rewards to all users during the current time period based on their computing power share. This operates somewhat like a Bitcoin mining pool.

Block (settlement) frequency: To encourage more participation, a "decay curve" is used to calculate the block frequency, following the formula: y = 9 + ae^(-bx) (where y is the block frequency in minutes, a is the initial value = 1, b is the decay rate = 0.05, which is a positive number, e is the base of the natural logarithm, approximately 2.71828, and x is the height.)

Time Period: Due to the global time zone differences, forging is conducted around the clock. Within each forging cycle, there is a total forging computational power. Each forging cycle carries the same block (settlement) reward .

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