Super Nodes

Super Nodes are special roles within the Move Move Coin network that rank among the top 21 and hold over 5290379 MMC or more. They are also members of the MMC Foundation. As Super Nodes, they play a crucial role in the application of Web3 technology to encourage and incentivize a nationwide fitness solution.

The status of Super Nodes is achieved through their performance and contributions within the network. They must possess a substantial amount of MMC tokens and play key roles in the operation and maintenance of the network. As core participants holding a significant number of MMC tokens, Super Nodes are vital for the security and stability of the network.

The responsibilities of Super Nodes go beyond token ownership; they actively engage in network decisions and governance processes. They hold significant influence over the improvement and development of network protocols, driving the direction of the network through voting and proposals.

As a prerequisite for membership in the foundation, Super Nodes have a broader impact and responsibility. They represent the interests of the MMC Foundation and the entire Move Move Coin community, ensuring the long-term health and development of the network.

The role of Super Nodes is integral to the network's ecosystem, providing robust support to encourage and incentivize a nationwide fitness solution. Through holding MMC tokens and actively participating in network governance, Super Nodes collectively build a robust, sustainable fitness ecosystem, offering users more incentives and rewards. They drive the ongoing development and growth of this innovative solution.

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