Target User Groups and User Needs Analysis

Target User Groups:

Fitness Enthusiasts: Users with a strong interest in fitness and physical activities who seek scientifically guided workouts and personalized training plans through mobile fitness applications.

Digital Asset Investors: Users intrigued by blockchain and cryptocurrency assets who wish to obtain digital asset rewards and investment opportunities by engaging in a platform that combines mobile fitness and blockchain.

Social Interactors: Individuals who enjoy sharing workout achievements and experiences with others. They look forward to social features that enable interactions and exchanges with fellow users, enhancing their participation experience.

Efficient Professionals: Users aiming to maintain health within their busy work lives, seeking flexible and efficient workout plans through mobile fitness apps to exercise anytime, anywhere.

Health Managers: Users concerned about personal health and physical well-being who aim to monitor exercise data through mobile fitness applications, gaining insights into their health and making informed adjustments.

User Needs Analysis:

Personalized Workout Plans: Users require tailored workout plans and training recommendations based on their physical condition, fitness goals, and preferences, aiming to enhance workout effectiveness and experience.

Digital Asset Incentives: Users desire digital asset rewards by participating in a platform that merges mobile fitness and blockchain, enhancing their engagement and investment returns.

Social Interaction Experience: Users expect to interact and communicate with other fitness enthusiasts, sharing accomplishments, obtaining motivation and support, and fostering a positive social atmosphere.

Data Security and Privacy Protection: Users are concerned about the security and privacy of their personal workout data, thus they expect mobile fitness apps to utilize blockchain technology to ensure data safety.

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