Social Circle

User Profile: Each user has their own personal profile, where they can showcase their exercise data, fitness achievements, collected NFT virtual gear, as well as fitness-related updates and shared content.

Dynamic Posting: Users can post text, images, videos, and more to share their exercise insights and fitness accomplishments with others in their social circle, offering mutual encouragement and motivation.

Likes and Comments: Users within the social circle can like and comment on each other's posts, fostering interaction and communication and helping users establish closer social connections.

Friendships: Users can add friends to build their social circle, making it easy to view friends' updates and exercise data on their personal profiles, and share exercise plans and challenges.

Exercise Groups: Users can join various exercise groups such as running or yoga groups, engaging in exercise activities and discussions with like-minded enthusiasts.

Activities and Challenges: Regular exercise challenges and activities are hosted within the social circle, encouraging users to actively participate. Completing challenges can earn users additional MMC token rewards.

Social Sharing: Users can share their social circle updates on other social media platforms, expanding the influence of Move Coin, and attracting more users to participate.

Leaderboards: Leaderboards within the social circle display users' exercise achievements and mining power, igniting competitive spirit and enhancing exercise motivation.

Community Governance: Super nodes and token holders within the social circle can participate in community governance, collaboratively deciding on rules and development directions.

Through these social circle features, users can establish close social relationships on the Move Coin platform, inspire and support one another, collectively enjoy the fun and challenges of fitness, and receive MMC token rewards for exercising and social engagement, increasing participation and activity levels.

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