Forging computing power

Forging computing power is a key concept in the Move Move Coin network for participating in token mining. It is obtained through the complex mathematical algorithms calculated based on various exercise parameters tracked by users' motion monitoring devices (such as smartphones, watches) and parameters related to virtual sports equipment in the NFT marketplace. Forging computing power directly affects users' ability to forge and earn rewards within the system.

In the Move Move Coin system, users can acquire forging computing power by participating in nationwide fitness activities. Each user's forging computing power is assessed and calculated based on factors such as exercise frequency, intensity, and duration. The higher a user's forging computing power, the greater their chance to receive new MMC tokens.

The concept of forging computing power differs from traditional forging as it is closely tied to exercise and fitness as an incentive mechanism. By utilizing motion monitoring devices, the system can accurately track user exercise data and convert it into forging computing power, thereby motivating users to engage in fitness activities actively.

Furthermore, users can enhance their forging computing power by purchasing virtual sports equipment in the NFT marketplace. These virtual gear items not only enhance users' exercise experiences but also increase their forging computing power, leading to more token rewards.

Overall, forging computing power plays a crucial role in the Move Coin system. It serves as a fundamental mechanism to incentivize users to engage in physical activities and fitness, ensuring fair and robust token distribution. By encouraging widespread participation in exercise, forging computing power drives the healthy development of the entire ecosystem, turning Web3-enabled fitness solutions into reality that delivers tangible value and enjoyable experiences to users.

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