Invitation Mechanism

Move Move Coin Invitation Referral Program: Double Your Mining Power!

We are excited to introduce our multi-level invitation referral program, allowing you and your friends to enjoy the thrill of the nationwide fitness movement while reaping rewards at multiple levels.

Level 1 Invitation: Invite your friends to register and participate in mining, and you'll receive additional mining power rewards. Your friends will also receive special rewards.

Level 2 Invitation: When your friends successfully invite another new user to register and purchase any NFT for mining, you will not only receive Level 1 rewards but also additional rewards from Level 2. The first and second invited users will also receive special rewards.

Level 3 Invitation: The excitement continues! When Level 2 invited users successfully invite new users to register and purchase any NFT for mining, you will continue to receive mining power rewards from Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The newly invited users and previously invited users will also receive special rewards.

Accumulate your referral rewards and watch your mining power steadily grow! Your efforts will drive the entire Move Move Coin ecosystem while bringing joyful mining experiences to your friends and their connections.

Please note: Referral rewards will be calculated based on the actual number of successfully referred users and their mining activities. Rewards will be distributed to your account in real-time. We will closely monitor the referral activity, and in case of any fraudulent behavior, we reserve the right to cancel related rewards.

Join our referral program now and embark on a fitness and mining journey with your friends, unlocking more rewards and joy with every workout! Start inviting your friends and ignite a new era of fitness mining fusion.

Friendly reminder: The time window for referral-based mining power increase is limited. For specific rules, please refer to the App's referral program guidelines.

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