User Incentives

  1. Token Forging Incentives: Users participate in sports forging and receive MMC tokens as rewards, converting exercise into economic value, incentivizing users to engage in nationwide sports and improve their physical health.

  2. NFT Virtual Sports Equipment Rewards: Users can earn MMC tokens through forging, then purchase virtual sports equipment in the NFT market to enhance forging power, earn more token rewards, and ignite users' enthusiasm for collecting and trading virtual equipment.

  3. Invitation Fission Plan: Users invite friends to participate in forging, and successfully fissioned users and their invited friends will receive rewards, motivating users to actively promote the Move Move Coin project, expand the user base, and collectively share the project's growth and value.

  4. Super Node Fee Commission: Super nodes hold a significant amount of MMC tokens, participate in MMC network governance, and enjoy fee commissions, incentivizing token holders to actively participate in network ecosystem construction and development.

  5. Value Preservation Potential: The halving mechanism of MMC tokens ensures their scarcity and resistance to inflation, motivating users to hold tokens long-term, realizing the potential for value preservation and appreciation.

Through these incentive measures, Move Move Coin provides users with multiple forging rewards and participation mechanisms, inspiring users to engage in activities like sports, project promotion, governance participation, etc. This, in turn, promotes the healthy development of the entire ecosystem and provides users with rich experiences and value returns.

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