NFT Market

Power Boost Oasis: All NFT categories here are limited release. Most NFTs (except special ones) briefly amplify mining power. New NFT types launch based on demand.

This marketplace sells various virtual goods and services to users in the form of NFTs. All proceeds from this market are used to maintain the token's market value.

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Limited Edition Sale: refers to the practice where each category of NFTs has a predefined maximum quantity and will not be further produced or issued beyond this limit.

Examples of Virtual Goods

  1. Running Shoes: Essential for running, walking, and general fitness activities, a pair of high-quality running shoes is a must-have.

  2. Yoga Mat: Used for yoga, Pilates, and floor exercises.

  3. Dumbbells: Weight training tools to enhance muscle strength.

  4. Exercise Ball: A versatile training tool to improve balance, flexibility, and core strength.

  5. Jump Rope: A simple yet effective aerobic exercise tool.

  6. Resistance Bands: Used for full-body workouts, especially targeting upper body and core muscles.

  7. Foam Roller: Tool for muscle relaxation and deep tissue massage.

  8. Sports Water Bottle: Staying hydrated during workouts is crucial.

  9. Knee Pads: Protects knees during certain exercises like squats and lunges.

  10. Fitness Gloves: Protects hands, prevents abrasion, and provides better grip.

  11. Resistance Bands: Used for equipment-free strength training and flexibility.

  12. Balance Board: Improves balance and stability.

  13. Rowing Machine: Full-body aerobic exercise, particularly effective for the upper body.

  14. Plyo Box: Used for strength training and aerobic exercises.

  15. Stationary Bike: Excellent for cardiovascular workouts.

  16. Skis/Snowshoes: Required for skiing or snow trekking.

  17. Diving Mask and Snorkel: Necessary for diving or snorkeling.

  18. Electric Scooter: A popular mode of urban transportation.

  19. Equestrian Gear: Such as saddles and helmets.

  20. Climbing Equipment: Including harnesses, ropes, helmets, etc.

  21. Surfboard or Snowboard: Essential for water or snow sports.

  22. Kayak and Paddle: For water activities like kayaking or canoeing.

------ More products are being introduced gradually ------

Examples of Virtual Services

  1. Virtual Personal Training Service: Users can purchase one-on-one online personal training sessions for specific time slots, tailored to their individual needs with personalized workout plans.

  2. Virtual Nutrition Consultation: Offering personalized nutritional advice on a one-on-one basis, nutrition experts create customized meal plans and health recommendations based on users' health status and goals.

  3. Virtual Health and Fitness Assessment: Users can access comprehensive health and fitness assessment services, including physical evaluations, fitness tests, and setting fitness goals.

  4. Virtual Sports Psychology Counseling: Sports psychologists help users manage psychological pressures during sports activities, enhancing their athletic performance.

  5. Online Group Fitness Classes: Professional fitness trainers guide a group of users through synchronized workouts at scheduled times, covering activities like yoga, aerobics, and more.

  6. Exercise Rehabilitation Guidance: One-on-one exercise rehabilitation guidance is provided to users with special needs, such as injuries or medical conditions.

  7. Sports Equipment Usage Tutorials: Professionals offer online tutorials on the correct usage of various sports equipment.

  8. Competition Coaching: Tailored training and strategic guidance are provided by professionals for users planning to participate in specific sports competitions.

  9. Online Running Companionship: During scheduled appointments, a running coach joins users via video call for training sessions, offering real-time guidance and motivation, making running workouts more enjoyable.

------ More services are being introduced gradually ------

Special Purpose NFT Items:

  • NFTs that Increase GAS: Bread, Rice, Noodles, Functional Drinks, etc.

  • NFT Invitation Cards: Each NFT invitation card can invite a user to enjoy referral commission benefits (details available in the referral mechanism).

NFT Market Funds On-Chain Flow Tracking

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Detailed fund flow information:

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