Foundation and DAO Organization

Foundation and DAO Organization play crucial roles in the Move Move Coin project, providing support and planning for the project's long-term development and community governance. Below are their specific roles in the project:

  1. Foundation Support: The MMC Foundation, established in Singapore, is the initiator and manager of the Move Move Coin project. The foundation's main responsibilities include ensuring the smooth progress and long-term development of the project. It is responsible for fundraising and fund management, supporting the technical team's research and development, collaborating with partners and alliance building. The foundation also provides support and services to the project's community, fostering communication and collaboration among community members.

  2. Foundation Governance: As the initiating body of the project, the MMC Foundation holds decision-making power over project governance. It collaborates with the core team to formulate the project's development direction and strategy. The foundation is responsible for establishing and executing important governance policies, such as designing the token economic model and adjusting the halving mechanism. The foundation's governance decisions aim to maintain the project's long-term stability and community consensus, ensuring that the project develops according to its established vision and goals.

  3. DAO Organization: In addition to centralized governance by the foundation, the Move Move Coin project also employs the mechanism of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The DAO is a decentralized decision-making body composed of community members, allowing them to participate in project governance and decision-making. Community members can vote to decide on important project matters, such as feature updates, partner selection, fund allocation, etc. Through DAO participation, project governance becomes more democratic and transparent, ensuring representative and participatory community interests.

Together, the foundation and DAO organization build a collaborative governance framework, making the project's developmentmore inclusive and flexible. The foundation provides project stability and long-term support, while the DAO ensures democratic community participation and decision-making rights. This dual governance structure helps maintain the project's innovation and flexibility, enabling Move Move Coin to continuously adapt to market demands and community feedback, achieving a healthier and more sustainable development.

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