Halving Mechanism

A halving mechanism similar to Bitcoin (BTC)

The halving mechanism controls the rate at which new MMC tokens are generated.

In the Move Move Coin network, the process of "mining" involves rewarding users with new MMC tokens based on their forging power. This forging power is calculated through complex mathematical algorithms using parameters tracked from activities, NFTs, burning, and other factors. It serves as a reward for participating in our nationwide fitness movement, and each participating user receives new MMC tokens. This is how new MMC tokens enter thesystem.

When the network was initially created, each block produced was rewarded with 23,125,000 MMC tokens.

However, every 58,398 blocks (approximately every 1 year), this reward is halved.

Therefore, the first halving occurred in 2025, reducing the reward from 100,000 MMC tokens to 50,000 MMC tokens.

Subsequently, there will be a halving event every year until all MMC tokens are mined.

As a result, the halving mechanism of MMC tokens ensures their scarcity and resistance to inflation.

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